Powering the Next Generation of Internet of ThingsIntro imageUniot is an innovative IoT platform, leveraging the power of scripting languages and blockchain technology to enable a new level of interconnectivity and control for your devices. Designed for DIY developers and enterprises alike, Uniot is revolutionizing the way we interact with the IoT world.
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Uniot Platform provides a unique environment for running automated scripts on IoT devices. It is designed for DIY developers and enterprises who want to increase the reliability of their connected Things and introduce a Web3 approach to their operations. By leveraging real-time monitoring, debugging, and full customization of your device‘s functionality, Uniot offers a new level of interconnectivity and control over your built network.

Take your IoT experience to new dimensions

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iconIoT Scripting

Turn your IoT device into a dynamic powerhouse with Uniot. Our platform‘s LISP-like language and block-based editor provide you with the tools you need to write complex scripts, create interconnected networks, and execute tasks on your device in real time.

iconWeb3 IntegrationDiscover the next evolution of IoT with Uniot‘s innovative integration of blockchain technology. Access IoT oracles, rent devices via NFTs, and securely relay real-world data to blockchain protocols. Uniot enables you to build and interact with decentralized applications in an IoT context like never before.


Interconnected Ecosystem

Create an interconnected network of devices that communicate with each other using event-driven models. Build complex systems with joint decision-making capabilities or simple structures with streamlined tasks.

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Device & Scenario Library

Rent devices and explore our expansive library of pre-built scenarios. Simplify your DIY development or kickstart your business operations with ease.

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Uniot Core

Our open-source Uniot Core, compatible with the Arduino framework and its libraries, simplifies your IoT journey. Task scheduling, networking, storage, script interpretation - Uniot Core takes care of it all. No more worrying about the complexities, focus on what you do best - creating impactful IoT solutions.

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Visual Scenario Editor

Leverage our built-in visual scenario editor for easy script creation and modification. Unleash your creativity and customize your IoT operations without the need for complex coding.

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IoT Oracles

Utilize IoT oracles for real-world data collection and secure transmission to blockchain protocols. Enable the development of data-driven decentralized applications.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our unique blend of IoT control and Web3 capabilities. Embrace the future of IoT with Uniot.

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From DIY projects to large-scale business operations, Uniot scales as per your needs. Easily add more devices and scenarios as your system grows.

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From signed messages to the blockchain's inherent security, Uniot is designed with a deep focus on protecting your data and ensuring the integrity of your device operations.

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