Make Internet of Things available for everyone with us

Uniot is an IoT platform that brings together creators and enjoyers, shares their interests and provides tools for creating an accessible Internet of Things for everyone
Nowadays there are a lot of great individual hardware creators, though the world is not aware of them. On another side, there are plenty of people who are excited to dive into the world of IoT and are tired of limited types of devices available on the market. Uniot is here to bridge the gap between device creators and IoT-enthusiasts.

We provide an unique platform where two categories of users exist
Either individuals or company who would like to spread their devices across enthusiasts
Anyone who wants to feel the real IoT-world and select from a great variety of devices available right for them
We bring you an opportunity to create a multi-agent network from devices of different brands. In other words, every device from any vendor is able to communicate with any.
Interconnection of devices from different creators
Select any device and scenario which fits you in our marketplace
Uniot Marketplace – is where creator's masterworks meet IoT-enthusiast's aspiration.
Fast and safe script interpretation in sandbox
Uniot Core – is a high-optimized OS which provides own virtual machine, allowing to execute safely and blazingly fast any script right on the device.
Leverage built-in visual scenario editor
Just imagine your scenario, open our visual block-based editor and create anything in a matter of minutes. Test your scenarios in the browser and upload wirelessly by a single click.
Just install our OS and add your device. Don't bother about infrastructure and app-development things. Uniot handles all for you.
Uniot leverages multi-agent system model so it's easy to control single devices, merge them into groups and add any new.
Everything from I/O to Scenarios interpretation is orchestrated by Uniot OS. So you should never worry about anything but your device's scripts.
Be in touch with us
You'll be the first to know what's going on, when we launch and how to participate in closed beta-test. In addition you'll be able to get special offers